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Desktop Hutch

A desktop hutch is like a desk-top cabinet for your computer, paperwork, or whatever needs to be covered on your desk. They can be open, or closed hutches.

Often, a desktop hutch closes from the top, or with doors on the sides. They also lock sometimes, making it a private place to store sensitive or personal information.

Some people keep their computer in the desk hutch, while others store paperwork like bank statements, bills, the checkbook, medical records, or other things. Desktop hutches are nice because they offer a convenient workspace while at the same time offering you a private place to store information or your computer.

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Desk Hutch - Buying Consideration

When buying a desktop hutch, there are a few major purchasing considerations to keep in mind.

  • First, you need to decide on whether or not you will need your desk hutch to lock. And if you do want it to lock, how do you want it to lock? Do you want it to have a small clasp so that you can supply your own lock, or do you want it to come with a key so that the lock is internally built in? If you don’t want a lock, then you can simply start shopping for desk hutches, as they often do not come with locks built in.
    Finding a hutch with a built in lock might be a bit more of a challenge, but they are definitely available. You can even find professional grade desk hutches with relatively high-security locks. These are intended for the commercial, professional workplace for storing very sensitive paperwork. You will probably not have much need for such a desktop hutch in your own home, but it is something to think about.

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  • As far as the desk for the hutch goes, you should simply follow whatever guidelines you would follow for shopping for a desk. Do you want it to be wood? Most hutches are made out of wood, but you can find a few constructed of different materials, and we've highlighted the pictures of a few different options on this site. 
  • You should also keep in mind what color you want. Do you want it to be painted? Do you want it to be stained? Or for that matter, do you want your desk hutch to be natural colored? These are all options, and there is a very large variety of different paint and stain colors to choose from on this one. If you can picture it in your mind, you are pretty sure to be able to find it… especially if you are willing to pay a little extra to have it exactly the way you want it.



  • You should also consider the price of the desktop hutches. Buying an antique hutch is generally more expensive than it is to buy a new one unless you are looking at very designer-specific new models that are fancy or specially designed in some way.

Other than that, buying a desktop hutch is something that you should heavily consult your preferences on. If you like darker stain, get one that is darker. If you have always wanted a pink desk hutch, buy a pink hutch. If you are willing to spend a little, you should be able to find a desktop hutch that at least resembles what you had in mind.

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